Great review about our new Turrini Companies client Old Town Distilling

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These SOBs wrote the book on creating whiskey the old fashion way. I mean it’s in the name old standard! I’ve had this whiskey on my shelf for a bit and decided to do a quick review. This is @oldtowndistilling old standard rye whiskey. The bottle art alone makes you want to buy this, however the juice inside makes it even more appealing! Old town prides themselves on making whiskey the old fashion way using native grain organic wheat. They distill in an old hand hammered copper pot still which I fucking love! Though this is a young whiskey it is extremely smooth. tasting notes I pick up are allspice, orange Ryebread, honey, wild cherry and coriander. Oh and a bit of mild oak. Do you self a favor and pick up a bottle. I’m not kidding this is well worth a place on your home bar shelf, take my word for it. @gacraftspirits to purchase #ryewhiskey #whiskeygram #whiskeywednesday #whiskeylife #whiskeylovers #whiskeyreview #bourbon #oldstandard

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