Brescia California Ambassador

Climate change is altering business strategy in Brescia, Italy, California, USA and around the world.

The Turrini family (nickname Sior Angei) in Brescia province, Italy, was one of the early pioneers mining iron ore in the local mountain valleys. That was many hundreds of years ago when polymath Leonardo da Vinci visited to learn about the ore extraction systems in use at that time.

Today Brescia companies are global leaders in steel fabrication, robotics for manufacturing, automotive structural components, energy, Franciacorta sparkling wine and so much more.

California business includes entertainment, Silicon Valley, world famous wine regions and many other critical sectors such as education, health, science and communications technology.

Due to rapid global climate change, Turrini Companies since 1914 is focused as an Ambassador to Brescia and California for practical AI applications and business partnerships. Ventures that can quickly address Climate as a prime issue in Italy, Europe, North America and world wide. The intent being a reference for future innovation intelligence for manufacturing, materials and the software and hardware required to create a new world balance of productivity with social responsibility.

Uniting these two respected geographies, Brescia and California, as their Ambassador, is a privilege Turrini Companies takes seriously for the next generation of geniuses like Leonardo.